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Our top priority at 'Language Corner' is to promote German language learning and the culture of German-speaking countries, and We have some resons for that:

  • increased travel opportunities as Germany is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world;
  • improved job & business opportunities — knowledge of German is a valuable asset when applying for a job in big companies or doing business in Europe;
  • cultural understanding of the greatest, world famous works of literature, music, theatre and cinema ever created in German-speaking countries;
  • access to world greatest universities and other institutions of higher education in Germany in fields: electronics, robotic, maschinery, biochemistry, pharmaceutics, etc.
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Online courses of German

'Language Corner' offers intensive exams preparation: TestDaF Goethe-Institut-Zertifikat DSH DSD ÖSD telc (The European Language Certificate). You will also find intensive courses of German as a Foreign language (DaF) or German as a Second Langage (DaZ), German for academic, business and other purposes.

We do versatile language training to meet the exact needs of our students and keep pace with the latest ideas from linguistics, statistics, psychology and language teaching methodology.